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Contact Lens Initiative


In-office promotion

Eyedeaz LLC recently completed a major in-office, guerilla campaign for ALLDocs (The Association of Lenscrafters Leaseholding Doctors) in co-promotion with Coopervision, a major contact lens manufacturer. The objective: Take back the contact lens business from alternative sources like 1-800-CONTACTS, Contact Lens King and the mysterious “grey market”.

And taking back business is just what is happening! After just 9 months in operation, the Contact Lens Initiative has recovered almost 18% of the business it was previously surrendering to online distributors. According to ALLDocs, no effective unifying strategy has ever existed that changes the mindset of their contact lens customers to encourage purchasing from their Optometrist.

Studies suggest that patients who buy their supply of contact lenses online tend to see their eyecare professionals less often. Less frequent eye examinations places the patient at greater risk for undetected eye diseases, Rx changes, poor fitting lenses, or missing out on new and more beneficial technologies.

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