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Eyedeaz at the Movies

Eyedeaz LLC Launches ScreenVision Spot for Granite Dental Group

Eyedeaz and New Hampshire's most advanced dental practice, Granite Dental Group, has released a new ScreenVision theater spot called "Rock Solid Dentistry". Airing in theaters in the Barrington, NH region, the new motion video features the friendly Granite Dental Group staff interacting with doctors and patients.
ScreenVision videos are usually projected before feature movies and attract local consumers. "Moviegoers are a captured audience", says Ken Zierler, President of Eyedeaz LLC. "Once you seat them in the theater, their focus is on the big screen"!

Eyedeaz handles the marketing and branding needs for Granite Dental Group. Contact Eyedeaz at 908.447.1562 or visit