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An ALLDocs Learning Experience

The Second Annual ALLDocs Office Managers Meeting was held this past September 10-12 in the hip town of Cleveland, Ohio. And it was a big hit for everyone involved. Office managers flew in from all over the United States and Canada for two fun-filled days of education and entertainment, including a full day at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians Baseball Club. Eyedeaz was there every step of the way to help Dr. Richard Hults and his crackerjack team of meeting planners!

Learning From the Best

ALLDocs invited a top-notch roster of speakers to help educate and motivate our beloved managers on topics ranging from leadership and training to marketing and maximizing contact lens sales.

Appearing at the meeting was eye-care practice consultant and President of EyeSystems, Mary E. Schmidt, who talked about leadership, selling skills and staff training. Schmidt involved the group by providing personality exercises, coaching and invaluable advice for managers to utilize when they return to their offices.

Training and development consultant, Diana Heilman, spoke on improving NPS scores and patient retention. Her many years as a regional manager for LensCrafters provided useful insight for our managers. Also appearing was the experienced multiple-office manager, Safet (Sammy) Hysenaj, who enlightened the group with useful management advice. Sammy primarily focused on self-confidence, teamwork and product knowledge and its importance in selling annual supplies of contact lenses and office profitability.

Other speakers included Eyedeaz eye-care marketing specialist, Ken Zierler, who lectured on branding, marketing and digital media and its importance in building a successful practice. Rebecca Chandler, Strategic Business Manager at B+L, addressed the managers on the latest contact lens technology and important trends in the industry. Sherman Williams, a Regional Sales Manager at ABB Optical Group, described all of the products and services ABB provides to our office managers.

Work Hard, Play Harder

When they weren’t in the meeting halls, managers enjoyed group dinners and a night of Cleveland Indians baseball in an exclusive hospitality suite. It was an unforgettable night as the hottest team in baseball clobbered the Detroit Tigers 12-0!

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